How My Vacation Nightmare Turned Into A Business

Hello, my name is Bill Rigopoulos. In 2006, a weekend vacation getaway in The Bahamas quickly turned into a nightmare when my backpack that contained my passport, cash, ID and debit card was stolen, while I was swimming in the water. I was stranded many miles away from home with no money, no identification, not even a room key to get back into my hotel room. I was forced to rely on the generous support of the hotel staff, family and the very expensive issuance of an emergency passport. This experience led me on a mission to design a product that will enable travelers to take valuables with them into the water and NEVER have to leave them unattended, hidden in a hotel room, or hiding under a beach towel.

My “Original” Vacation Security Concept

I began working on the design almost immediately, even though my background was not in design. The original concept was more or less a fanny pack, and I called the project The Aqua Valet. At the time I was primarily concerned with the function of the pack, not really the style. However, to really appeal to people who travel, I realized style was equally important. After over a year of failed attempts to come up with a design satisfied me, I felt my progress hit a brick wall. Not to mention the name The Aqua Valet was met with too many mixed reviews from the people around me.
Then several months later, I was watching a James Bond film on a Saturday afternoon, the one where Halle Berry comes out of the water with a machete tied to her bikini. I knew right then that I needed a slimmer, sexier pack, one that is functional and looks styles great on a bathing suit or bikini. Shortly after, the name Shark Pack was born and vacation security took a giant step forward.Vacationing Securely The result is our current line of waterproof aqua wallets. Each constructed out of a durable .42 soft matte, high-quality PVC. And they are:
  • Comfortable
  • Light Weight
  • Have a Slim Line Design for an active vacation
  • Absolutely Priceless when it comes to peace of mind.
  • Not to mention they look great.
  • And exactly what I needed when I traveled on vacation.
We believe our waterproof aqua wallets are essential
  • at any water-based destination
  • on any cruise ship
  • for diving
  • boating, fishing, hiking…
All units come in your choice of black or white. We suggest that you combo The Mako and The Great White for maximum protection. All units will also fit nicely into most front pockets. We offer free shipping for any domestic retail order over $65.00. Much less than it cost to replace your passport and valuables.