1. I already have a case for my cell phone, why do I need a shark pack? Cases are great for daily use, but what happens when you go to the beach, a water park, a cruise or any water-based destination? Sand and water ruin cell phones. Keeping your cell phone properly stored and locked in a shark pack is essential in preserving your electronics. We would recommend the Great White universal cell phone case.

  2. I\'m going on a cruise or an international trip, why should I buy a shark pack? People go on trips for different reasons, our products are ideal for people traveling to water-based destinations; beaches, cruises and water parks. If you have ever had to leave your valuables (cash, ids, Passports, credit cards, etc) unattended or hiding under a beach towel to take a swim in the pool or the Ocean, our Mako product is an ideal solution. It straps easily to a belt, or your arm (arm strap and belt loop are included) and allows the user to swim freely and comfortably.

  3. Do shark packs float? Yes, (even with a large cell phone inside) all shark packs float. This is an important feature of our products so they can be easily retrieved if they happen to fall into the water.

  4. How do I lock and unlock my shark pack? With the logo side facing you twist out the plastic knobs counter clockwise to the open notches and pull apart, this will open the unit? To close the unit, simply twist the knobs toward the center (clockwise) until you feel a click.

  5. What are Shark Packs made of? Our units are made of .42 soft matte PVC, that makes them very comfortable, light weight and durable.

  6. Are Shark Packs sold on board any cruise liner? No. The ones you will see on board are made from a hard plastic shell that typically crack after a few uses. Our products are designed to last if properly cared for.

  7. Can the Mako hold two passports? No. But the Great White can.