• The Mako Aqua Wallet

The Waterproof Mako Wallet is our premier Diver\\\'s-Grade Travel Accessory.

The Waterproof Mako Wallet is made for the active person that needs to secure their belongings while travelling. Made from durable, soft, high quality, matte-finished PVC, it is designed for durability, comfort, and style. The thin, lightweight design is the ideal waterproof case to hold your passport, cash and debit cards. Each wallet includes an arm strap, lanyard and belt loop.

But you don\\\\\\\'t have to be a diver to use this waterproof wallet. The applications for a traveler\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s waterproof wallet are limitless; it\\\\\\\'s ideal for snorkeling, swimming, parasailing, fishing, boating, water parks, spring breakers, hikers, international travelers and cruise ship passengers looking to have fun on their vacation without worrying about their cash or cards.  Feel free to swim without restricting your range of motion, and travel about the countryside without a restrictive backpack.

Let\\\\\\\'s face it, we have all gone swimming at the beach and left our personal belongings unattended or hiding under a beach towel. When traveling internationally or from port- to-port, you can\\\\\\\'t afford to lose your passport, cash and debit card(s). The Mako allows you to bring these items with you in the water, while you enjoy activities like swimming, parasailing, jet skiing and surfing.

The Creator\\\\\\\'s Personal Story

This is what happened to Bill, the Founder of Shark Pack, while on vacation in the Bahamas back in 2006. Bill went on a weekend trip, and his backpack, which contained his passport, cash and all forms of identification, was stolen while he went swimming off-shore. Bill was traumatized to find nothing on the beach but the beach towel. Imagine how you would feel!

I did not know how I would get back home or even get a sandwich. I had to rely on the generosity of the hotel staff and my family back in the States for help.

This situation can happen at any beach - locally, nationally or internationally. Cruise ship passengers and international travelers, in particular, can be vulnerable when they go from port to port and are forced to take their identifications with them. Once it happened to Bill, he started hearing similar stories from other people. Soon Bill  realized that there needed to be a product on the market that offered a real solution. This is why he decided to launch Shark Pack, and the reason that The Mako Waterproof Wallet exists today.

Order your own Mako Wallet and never worry again.  Travel with peace of mind and keep your passport, cash and cards safe in the water-tight compartment. 

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The Mako Aqua Wallet

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